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Javier Orozco has created a very personal universe of abstract pictorial and material codes. The basic parameters are balance, compensation, emotional sense and always a musical background. He works directly over his artworks without any reference or direct models.
            He explores several lines very close one to each other. Their plastic experiences play morphologically and chromatically with the background requirements and among themselves.

Not only has Orozco created plastic artworks, but also has drawn an imaginary and colourful city plan along more than 30 years, Orozgar City. He has written three novels, two of them published, La inesperada conquista del Polo Norte, and La verdadera historia de Horizontes. Now he is writing his fourth novel.

January: AAF Milan-Italy
February: AAF Milan                                                                                 Milan-Italy
June-Málaga Art Fair                                                                             Málaga-Spain
November-MD-la galería                                                                      Guadalajara-Spain
                    Luxembourg Art Fair                                                          Luxembourg
Enero: Art3f Nantes                                                                                Nantes-Francia
Febrero: Art3f Paris                                                                                Paris-Francia
Marzo: Art3f Metz                                                                                  Metz-Francia
             AAF Milano                                                                               Milan-Italia
Septiembre: Berliner Liste                                                                     Berlin-Alemania
Octubre: La galería de Guadalajara                                                      Guadalajara-España
Noviembre: Luxembourg Art Fair                                                          Luxemburgo

January: Art3f Nantes Nantes-France
February: Art3f Paris                                                                        Paris-France
Mars: Art3f Metz                                                                              Metz-France
         AAF Milano                                                                             Milan-Italy
May: Art3f Toulouse                                                                         Toulouse-France
September: Berliner Liste                                                                   Berlin-Germany
October: La galería de guadalajara-MD Unknown Worlds                      Guadalajara-Spain
Mars: Affordable Art fair Milano                                                          Milan-Italy
April: Kölner Liste                                                                             Cologne-Germany
September: Art3f Paris                                                                       Paris-France
                   Estampa Madrid                                                              Madrid-Spain
October: Art3f Niza                                                                            Nice-France
November: Art3f Mulhouse                                                                 Mulhouse-France                                                                                 
                  St-art Strasbourg                                                             Strasbourg-France
                  La galería de Guadalajara                                                  Guadalajara-Spain
December: Art 3f Montpellier                                                               Montpellier-France
January: Four generations. Cultural Centerl Collado-Villalba            Madrid- Spain
February: Pequeño formato. Café Liceo                                        Guadalajara-Spain
Mars: AAF Milano art fair con La galería                                        Milan-Italy
Mars: Nuove proposte. Museum Complex Agostinian                     Roma-Italy
April: Kölner Liste art fair con La galería                                       Cologne-Germany
September: Berliner Liste art fair                                                  Berlin-Germany
November: Fusión 2. La galería de Guadalajara                             Guadalajara-Spain
January: King´s  collective. Eka & Moor gallery.                              Madrid-Spain
February: Art Innsbruck with Javier Román Gallery.                        Innsbruck-Austria
Mars: “Contemporary visual poetry”.Galería Nina Torres Fine Art.     Miami-USA
Mars: Affordable Art Fair Milano with Juca Claret Gallery                 Milán-Italy
April:  “Ciudad de Orozcar” Contemporary Art Fair Arévalo.            Ávila-Spain
May:  “Time measure”  Eka & Moor Gallery                                    Madrid-Spain
May:  Spring collective. La Galería                                                Guadalajara-Spain
June:   “ Guapón”.  Arteaga Gallery                                              Logroño-Spain
June:  Art shopping Paris with Javier Román Gallery                      Paris-France
July: Art  Shopping collective. Javier Román Gallery                       Málaga-Spain
August: Arteando, contemporary art fair                                       Irún-Spain
August: Contemporary Art  4                                                       Konstanz-Germany
September: Berliner Liste Art fair with La Galería                            Berlin-Germany
October: Art Zurich with Unique Gallery                                        Zurich-Switzerland
October: “Fusión” . La Galería                                                      Guadalajara- Spain
November: Miami River Art Fair                                                   Miami-USA
November: Galeria Emmediarte                                                    Milan-Italy
January: “la galería de Guadalajara”  “Colectiva enero 2012”.          Guadalajara-Spain
Mars:       Galería Glamart-Dks.                                                    Vitoria –Spain.
April:        Galería Juca Claret.                                                      Madrid- Spain
May:         Eduarte. Durgerdam.                                                   Amsterdam – Holland
June:        De Opsteker gallery.                                                    Amsterdam - Holland                                                                                                                                                                                   
July:         Arteando, Contemporary art fair with galería Annia.        Irún- Spain
August :  Galería Eka & Moor.                                                       Madrid-Spain
October: la galería de Guadalajara, “4ª generación”.                        Guadalajara-Spain
February: Art Madrid , Contemporary Art Fair. Asoc. Gal. CLM           Madrid-Spain.
June:       “Orozgar city and Harmonic abstraction. “la galería “          Guadalajara-Spain.
September: Marb Art. Contemporary art fair , galería Glamart-Dks     Marbella- Spain
September: Art´s Garden. Contemporary art fair                              Valencia - Spain   

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